The story behind

One of our co-founders during his master’s thesis at University College London created AI-generated Cardiac images which were so realistic that they could deceive even experienced doctors. That’s when he realized that these powerful AI generation & manipulation techniques have the potential to create realistic fake images & videos to mislead normal people too. In fact, the recent surge in Image generation & editing AI techniques (Dall-E-2, MidJourney, Stable Diffusion) has resulted in outstanding creative opportunities. But also provided bad actors with a convenient and easy means to cause reputational damage to key individuals of governments and businesses.

To tackle this growing & urgent problem, we are building Truefy a Deepfake defense software for Businesses & government bodies to safeguard their online reputation & assist them in crisis response.

Our passionate team

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Vishal Venkatesh

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Ronald Das

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Pravar Jain