Reputation Risk Intelligence Platform for Deepfakes

We help mitigate online reputation damage

and assist in crisis response for Deepfake risks

Inside Edition

Deepfake of Zelenskyy Tells Ukrainian Troops to ‘Surrender’

Deepfakes are getting hyper-realistic and depict real people saying & doing things they never said or did

Truefy is an AI-powered software that monitors deepfakes, assesses their risk & sends crisis alerts

Truefy Dashboards

We help solve problems caused by Deepfakes for modern PR, communications and marketing professionals

Our Suite of AI-First tools

Deepfake Monitoring

Social Media listening & Web Crawling for facial visuals

of public figures & detection of their Deepfakes from real visuals

Reputation Risk Intelligence

Informative metrics like Risk & Authenticity scores,Audience

Sentiment & Virality of facial visuals

Crisis Indication & Reporting

Real-time crisis alerts for proactive scenario planning & customizable

reports with actionable insights for better crisis communication

Our passionate team

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Vishal Venkatesh

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Ronald Das

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Pravar Jain


Our Advisor

Professor Keyoor Purnai DP

Dr. Keyoor Purani

Professor - Marketing Management
Ex-Director - IIMK LIVE
IIM Kozhikode

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